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Coffee is not currency!


It’s 2018 and people are still offering to “buy you coffee” in exchange for picking your brain (consultation). Coffee is not currency! Here is how the conversation goes, “Hi. My name is xyz and I love what you do. I have this amazing opportunity/ idea. Can I buy you coffee next week & we have a sit-down?” It always starts as a great deal until you realize you are...

Wisdom vs Intelligence


Wisdom is quiet
Intelligence is noisy
Wisdom is understanding
Intelligence is debating
Wisdom satisfies
Intelligence competes
Wisdom retreats
Intelligence storms
Wisdom is solitary
Intelligence socializes
Wisdom consumes thought
Intelligence creates it

The most important application of psychology to modern life


This is a long read please bear with me. I’m obsessed with decision-making processes. It’s probably half of what I post here and the reason I don’t get as many likes as the fucktards who post cute dogs and cats. In this post, I would like to discuss one of the most important applications of psychology to modern life Far Transfer A recent finding that Far Transfer( basically...

Whose meeting is this? A simple checklist


Can your next meeting (not conversation, not presentation, but meeting) pass this test? There’s one person responsible. The time allocated matches what’s needed, not what the calendar app says. Everyone invited is someone who needs to be there, and no key party is missing. There’s a default step forward if someone doesn’t come. There’s no better way to move this...

How to stop being rich and happy


1. Prioritize lifestyle design. You’ve made it, so it’s all about you, now. Make your dreams come true. Shape your surroundings to please your every desire. Make your immediate gratification the most important thing. 2. Chase that comparison moment. You have the old thing. You want the new thing. Yes! Do it! Be happy for a week. Ignore the fact that the happiness only comes from the moment of...

How to change or build your career


Forget passion and purpose Forget “follow your passion” or “find your true calling”. Stop thinking like that. Passion and purpose are emotions that come after expertise and experience. The way to get them is to commit to the path of mastery, get great at something, and do great work. So instead of looking for passion and purpose, just keep mastering whatever work you’ve started, becoming more and...

Food Rules


1. Eat food 2. Don’t eat anything your great‐grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food 3. Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry 4. Avoid food products that contain high‐fructose corn syrup 5. Avoid food products that have some form of sugar (or sweetener listed among) the top three ingredients 6. Avoid food products that have more than 5...

“Just tell me what to do”: compressing knowledge into directives

Internalizing books Wanting to be successful, I’ve always read every book I thought could help. Even if a book had just one useful insight, it was worth the $20 and my time spent reading and thinking. A few years ago, I realized I was forgetting the lessons I’d learned from past books. So I started taking detailed notes while reading, saving every important idea. I wanted to permanently remember...

How to like people


1. Assume it’s their last day. Everyone talks about living like it’s your last day on earth. Instead, to appreciate someone, live like it’s their last day on earth. Treat them accordingly. Try to fulfill their dreams for the day. Really listen to them. Learn from them. 2. Be who you’d be when alone. You could live in a crowd, pleasing only others. You could live in solitude, pleasing only...

How to get rich


1. Live where luck strikes. Live where everything is happening, where the money is flowing, where careers are being made, where your role models live. Once there, be as in the game as anyone can be. Be right in the middle of everything. 2. Say yes to everything. Meet everyone. Pursue every opportunity. Nothing is too small. Do it all. Like lottery tickets, you never know which one will win. So...