How to get rich


1. Live where luck strikes. Live where everything is happening, where the money is flowing, where careers are being made, where your role models live. Once there, be as in the game as anyone can be. Be right in the middle of everything. 2. Say yes to everything. Meet everyone. Pursue every opportunity. Nothing is too small. Do it all. Like lottery tickets, you never know which one will win. So...

How to thrive in an unknowable future


1. Prepare for the worst. Since you have no idea what the future may bring, be open to the best and the worst. But the best case scenario doesn’t need your preparation or your attention. So mentally and financially prepare for the worst case, instead. Like insurance, don’t obsess on it. Just prepare, then carry on appreciating the good times. 2. Expect disaster. Every biography of a successful...

How to be useful to others


1. Get famous. Do everything in public and for the public. The more people you reach, the more useful you are. The opposite is hiding, which is of no use to anyone. 2. Get rich. Money is neutral proof you’re adding value to people’s lives. So, by getting rich, you’re being useful as a side-effect. Once rich, spend the money in ways that are even more useful to others. Then getting rich is double...

Solitary Socialite


For the past four years, I’ve answered chats from 40-200 people per day, mostly clients and friends. I’ll sit alone in my little workspace for 4-8 hours, engaging with 100 people’s lives and questions for a few minutes each. Then when friends want to hang out with me, I say I need some alone time first. They say I’ve been alone all day. So I explain that I’ve been massively social all day long...



Keystones These help me improve my mind and my body everyday. I give myself permission to fail sometimes; it’s more important that I come back to the Keystone practice than strive for a perfect record. Keep this list short: Consider replacing Keystones before adding new ones.. Read Reading is a way to absorb the knowledge of others – their ideas, information, and experiences – and...



Beliefs On Biases I suffer from many biases You suffer from many biases 1 and 2 cannot be avoided but awareness can sometimes be helpful in combating the effects on myself and others I should use my awareness of biases to be more forgiving of myself and others On Knowledge Is the transmogrification of new ideas, information, and experiences Is something you build over time – intentionally...