CVs are like tinder profiles


CV does not get jobs,just initial handshake Here are my short notes from a workshop by a McKinsey Kenya Recruiter. It should take 15sec to read 1 page Avoid any data that may create stereotypes: No pic No gender No nationality No date of birth(mirror effect) No religion (esp for SDAs) No marital status – married men preferred,single women preferred Biodata required should be the header...

Guestpost: A celebration of the struggle.


“Because they do not understand our struggle they will never understand our praise” I always pictured that on the day of my graduation, I will not show up.Or I will probably show up late,running into the Kenyatta University Graduation Square struggling to put my gown in place, my hair in a mess and trying to tie the laces of my sneakers. No!my mum will have me in heels without debate...

Finding meaning


Meaning is an artificial carrot that people invent when their lives have become insufferably boring. Usually these people have desk jobs. Desk jobs lead to back problems and existential crises.
Do stuff that you can be proud of. It doesn’t have to have a greater purpose, but it can. It does mean doing something hard. But it’s easier than wandering the earth in search of meaning.

Should our cognitive biases have moral weight?


In a classic piece of psychology, Kahneman and Tversky ask people what to do about a fatal disease that 600 people have caught. One group is asked whether they would administer a treatment that would definitely save 200 people’s lives or one with a 33% chance of saving 600 people. The other group is asked whether they would administer a treatment under which 400 people would definitely die or one...

How to find out if someone is smart


But if I had to write down what it is that makes someone seem smart, I’d emphasize three things. First, do they know stuff? Ask them what they’ve been thinking about and probe them about it. Do they seem to understand it in detail? Can they explain it clearly? (Clear explanations are a sign of genuine understanding.) Do they know stuff about the subject that you don’t? Second, are they curious...

How to stop being rich and happy


1. Prioritize lifestyle design. You’ve made it, so it’s all about you, now. Make your dreams come true. Shape your surroundings to please your every desire. Make your immediate gratification the most important thing. 2. Chase that comparison moment. You have the old thing. You want the new thing. Yes! Do it! Be happy for a week. Ignore the fact that the happiness only comes from the moment of...

How to change or build your career


Forget passion and purpose Forget “follow your passion” or “find your true calling”. Stop thinking like that. Passion and purpose are emotions that come after expertise and experience. The way to get them is to commit to the path of mastery, get great at something, and do great work. So instead of looking for passion and purpose, just keep mastering whatever work you’ve started, becoming more and...

Food Rules


1. Eat food 2. Don’t eat anything your great‐grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food 3. Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry 4. Avoid food products that contain high‐fructose corn syrup 5. Avoid food products that have some form of sugar (or sweetener listed among) the top three ingredients 6. Avoid food products that have more than 5...

“Just tell me what to do”: compressing knowledge into directives

Internalizing books Wanting to be successful, I’ve always read every book I thought could help. Even if a book had just one useful insight, it was worth the $20 and my time spent reading and thinking. A few years ago, I realized I was forgetting the lessons I’d learned from past books. So I started taking detailed notes while reading, saving every important idea. I wanted to permanently remember...

How to like people


1. Assume it’s their last day. Everyone talks about living like it’s your last day on earth. Instead, to appreciate someone, live like it’s their last day on earth. Treat them accordingly. Try to fulfill their dreams for the day. Really listen to them. Learn from them. 2. Be who you’d be when alone. You could live in a crowd, pleasing only others. You could live in solitude, pleasing only...