Gain webdesign mastery without coding experience


Hey guys, I’m looking for people interested in learning web design I will be offering face to face training in Nairobi to equip learners with the ability to build websites for themselves and others. This is a profitable opportunity since the average profit of building a single website is upward of 10k. The training will not need any prior experience or knowledge of programming and well be...

Who to follow in the IM game.


Hey guys ,Im having a slow day so thought I could throw some knowledge bombs your way. A huge problem most people have and one I once had was figuring whats BS and whats gold in the world of internet marketing.Or rather whose who so to speak. After 6 years in this game I have narrowed my consumption to less than a handful of guys:3.@akinlaby(twitter)This is your go to SEO guy. I read his...

Button Theory: Elevator pitch version


When I started working online I thought it was too late. Almost everyone I knew was 5 years into it. Its always much easier to make money online 5 years ago. Now 5 years into the journey it seems like its too late for the noobs but I bet you that 5 years from now you will wish you started today if you haven’t already. Where to start you ask?On a short break here so wanted to drop a bomb...

A day in the life of a college student part 1


The following events took place on Friday 28/9/18 I wake up around 8am. I’m already late for my 7-9 class. I check my phone. No messages. I check Whatsapp. Apparently, the class was canceled so my waking late is of no consequence. I turn on the music on my laptop on the table next to my bed then head out to make coffee. Kanye’s I Love It is on loop as I stare at my twitter...

The nolstagia of decades past


Growing up the only means of audio long distance communication in my village was using one of two telecom calling booths. I remember my mum always sending me to deliver messages to my uncle in Nyeri town. The huge five bob coin “King’ori” was usually sufficient. My favourite one was situated next to the most popular shop in the village ,Ha-Kimani. Calling back then was a...

CVs are like tinder profiles


CV does not get jobs,just initial handshake Here are my short notes from a workshop by a McKinsey Kenya Recruiter. It should take 15sec to read 1 page Avoid any data that may create stereotypes: No pic No gender No nationality No date of birth(mirror effect) No religion (esp for SDAs) No marital status – married men preferred,single women preferred Biodata required should be the header...

Guestpost: A celebration of the struggle.


“Because they do not understand our struggle they will never understand our praise” I always pictured that on the day of my graduation, I will not show up.Or I will probably show up late,running into the Kenyatta University Graduation Square struggling to put my gown in place, my hair in a mess and trying to tie the laces of my sneakers. No!my mum will have me in heels without debate...

Finding meaning


Meaning is an artificial carrot that people invent when their lives have become insufferably boring. Usually these people have desk jobs. Desk jobs lead to back problems and existential crises.
Do stuff that you can be proud of. It doesn’t have to have a greater purpose, but it can. It does mean doing something hard. But it’s easier than wandering the earth in search of meaning.

Should our cognitive biases have moral weight?


In a classic piece of psychology, Kahneman and Tversky ask people what to do about a fatal disease that 600 people have caught. One group is asked whether they would administer a treatment that would definitely save 200 people’s lives or one with a 33% chance of saving 600 people. The other group is asked whether they would administer a treatment under which 400 people would definitely die or one...

How to find out if someone is smart


But if I had to write down what it is that makes someone seem smart, I’d emphasize three things. First, do they know stuff? Ask them what they’ve been thinking about and probe them about it. Do they seem to understand it in detail? Can they explain it clearly? (Clear explanations are a sign of genuine understanding.) Do they know stuff about the subject that you don’t? Second, are they curious...