Who to follow in the IM game.


Hey guys ,Im having a slow day so thought I could throw some knowledge bombs your way.

A huge problem most people have and one I once had was figuring whats BS and whats gold in the world of internet marketing.Or rather whose who so to speak.

After 6 years in this game I have narrowed my consumption to less than a handful of guys:
This is your go to SEO guy. I read his blog rankrain.com and follow him on twitter with active notifications to my sms whenever he tweets. Both his blog and twitter feed are pure gold.I like it since his blog has barely any content its something a beginner could just read and implement

2. Gary Vaynerchuk is the new king of digital marketing. He is a major bullshitter(read this as “motivational guy”) but he gives the public an opportunity to constantly study him and make money at it eg. I use his snapchat techniques to make a few thousand every month on whatsapp. If you really want to know how it’s done take a weekend and consume as much of his content as you can.

1. Seth Godin
The world’s number one authority on marketing today shares key insights he gathers from his two books per day reading and vast experience on his daily blog sethgodin.typepad.com/ I follow him on FB and have his page on SEE FIRST so that I get to see and consume his content daily.This gives me new ideas which I think about and seek ways to execute on my online manenos.

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