Button Theory: Elevator pitch version


When I started working online I thought it was too late. Almost everyone I knew was 5 years into it. Its always much easier to make money online 5 years ago. Now 5 years into the journey it seems like its too late for the noobs but I bet you that 5 years from now you will wish you started today if you haven’t already. Where to start you ask?
On a short break here so wanted to drop a bomb before I get back to work.
I call it the Button method of internet marketing

It technically states that if you spend every working minute find something people online would pay for, find where these people go online to look for them and then create a website page that shows how to solve the problem and put the solution to that problem behind a Paypal pay button. You will eventually make thousands every day without having to work.

The best thing about internet marketing: I’m still getting paid for stuff I wrote in 2014. 
Name any other profession that does that

To be continued

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