A day in the life of a college student part 1


The following events took place on Friday 28/9/18

I wake up around 8am. I’m already late for my 7-9 class. I check my phone. No messages. I check Whatsapp. Apparently, the class was canceled so my waking late is of no consequence. I turn on the music on my laptop on the table next to my bed then head out to make coffee. Kanye’s I Love It is on loop as I stare at my twitter feed(@msisimko). The electric kettle turns off automatically and I pour the hot water into a cup, tear a Maccoffee sachet and empty its contents into the hot water. I don’t add sugar. Sugar’s for pussies. Twitter’s feed today sucks I can’t seem to find something intellectually stimulating. I open Chrome on the black Lenovo laptop and open Tweetdeck, a Twitter client that gets shit done. Seems that everyone today is raving about Lovecraft’s short story, the gig economy (https://zerohplovecraft.wordpress.com/…/11/the-gig-economy-2).I open it and start reading. Its a surreal account of my life so far which makes it incredibly relatable. I’m barely halfway when my boss calls. The website I had built yesterday has crashed, the logo is missing and there’s a huge swath of whitespace at the top and bottom. I promise to fix it immediately. I login to the backend of the site and delete the websites then copy the files back. The trick fails and the massive whitespace is still there. I delete the site and start over building it from scratch after 2 hours the site looks even worse than it was when I started. I spend another two hours googling possible solutions for the problem and trying them but nothing works. It’s lunchtime. I am stressed that my boss will kill me. He still doesn’t know that I haven’t paid this months rent and he is my only hope. I have been working on this website for a good three weeks and it still looks like shit. I prepare my second cup of coffee then head out to get some indomie and avocado. I was to have a class from 11-1 but the lec bailed out on it too. I telegram my boss that I can’t find the bug and he instructs me to take it offline till we can fix it. I put the site on maintenance mode as waves of fear, stress, and exhaustion flood me. I mean look at me, all my classmates have already graduated and I’m stuck doing a hodgepodge of units across three levels in a subject that bores me to death just because I couldn’t bear graduating with a pass. Telegram rings again. It’s my boss. He sends a Forbes article on webdesign best practices. Its a series of industry buzzword titles and subtitles with no substance whatsoever. It has an intresting paragraph on progressive webapps though, something I note to investigate further. I research the topic indepth for an hour. I check the time, its 4pm. I’m late for a 3-5pm class. I take a shower and dress up but right as I’m about to go out I get a call from Mike,a guy who sends me gigs to do from time to time. He wants me to create several backlinks for a clients website. A backlink is a small website often set up on free platforms such as Tumblr meant to link to a larger site so that the larger site can rank higher on Google. I accept the job and head to the BSSC- a two-story Business and Student Center that houses two banks,a dozen meeting rooms and halls,a restaurant and two computer labs. I find an empty room with good wifi and set up my laptop. Play Kanye in my headphones as I work nonstop till midnight. At this point everyone has to leave and go home. Its a good thing I finished right before midnight. I’m incredibly exhausted by then. My only solace is that I have made a neat 1200 from the gig which will serve as pocket money till the next one. As I walk out the building I realize that its an incredibly dangerous affair to walk in K.M, the slum behind K.U main campus, this late. I hum as I walk fast, hoping my humming will drown my hearts palpitations till I get home. On arrival, I set up my laptop on the table. Play an episode of the AfterOn podcast as I get in bed. I black out. Another day in the life of a college student.

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