What are the songs that describe your life?


I was playing 21 questions with her and the question came up about the ultimate playlist of songs that describe my life.

Quickly my mind scrambled. I’d never really thought about it but at this exact moment all my favorites came rushing in and I sorted them out for why I liked them. My life is a story obviously I’ve grouped them into the introduction, body, and conclusion.

For the introduction it was simple, I’d go with Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine. It describes growing up. This song serves as a reminder to really own and feel good about where you are in life when others may be overly concerned about the way you are getting there—the path you chose to take. I have learned to accept being uncomfortable and do my best personal growth when I am pushing through that instead of trying to go around it. It serves as a reminder that there is nothing wrong in taking ‘the road less traveled’—even if it has been sort of ingrained in you to go the easy way or that you should feel apologetic about doing it your own way.

For the body ,I would start with what I wish it was like as embodied in Nickleback’s Rockstar. It’s probably his best and worst work. Not really sure why I relate so much. However, I would say it drives me into a meditative state on what happens when you get to where you’re going and the s, in this case, is infinately distracting yourself from the futility of life.

But what is it really like to be in my skin. Kid Kudi comes through beautifully with his track Day n Night. This is the less flattering version of what its like to be me warts and all.

My favorite distraction from my depressing reality is seeking out connections with other humans. Love is the topic most sung about so it was hard thinking up which songs come as close as possible to my reality. This was tough. When I was younger or should I say more naive I related most to John Legend tracks and Adele in the way the exprored human relationships. Then Hozier put it on steroids in all their songs.  But if i really had to narrow it down I’d pick Kings of Leone – Use Somebody and Eminem’s- Spacebound.  All great love stories are tragedies. Use Somebody decribes how we are all cursed with a need to connect to love and to be loved. There is literally no greater success in life than having those you want to love you actually loving you. Spacebound explores the chaos and reciprocity factors. It embodies the tragedy of love in the way that only Eminem can. Sure I sometimes get delusional Jah Rule – Ashanti collabo puppy love moments but I would rather keep my expectations low.  Eventually, we all know nothing lasts forever, for many of us it ends up like JColes Power Trip for the one who cares most. Love is crazy.

In terms of other life philosophies and how my life is going so far, I love how deep Kanye’s Graduation goes. I’m 25 year old existentialist Go figure.

To conclude the story, I’m all down for Knaan’s Take a minute and Kanye’s Heard em Say. It’s real and optimistic about surviving in worst parts of the world. There are probably very few things as motivational as the struggle.

So what does that say about me, if you think it means I’m a lonely existentialist trying to find meaning and connection with the world while consistently evolving your wrong. Everything I’m not making me everything I am. While will never be able to live up to people’s expectations and will always be flawed, it’s all these imperfections and more that serve to make up who I am.

So what about you,what playlist details your life in a way that nothing else can? I’d love it if you commented below or chatted me on whatsapp about it.

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