“A really good book can change your life in the most positive manner. This is not something I believe I can save money on. Even when I was broke I spent a lot on books. I see it as an investment, not an expense.”

“It’s really about identifying what good books are to you. Different books speak to different people.”

“Even if you don’t remember all the lines or passages from a book, at some deep level you still absorb it. It becomes a part of the threads of the tapestry of your psyche.”

“Everybody says they read but very few people actually read and finish a book. I don’t read as much as people think I do, maybe 2 hours a day which still puts me at the top .00001% and it accounts for all the material success and all the intelligence I have.”

“Human beings are entirely creatures of habits. Habituate yourself through life. If you have habits the frontal cortex stays free to solve other problems. But usually, we just put our habits in a bundle and pretend we are our habits.” Habits are malleable and can easily be dropped.

“Usually big habit changes come when there is a desire and motivator behind it.”

“Mind should be a servant, a tool, not a master.”

“Happiness is the default state. Its what’s there when you remove the sense that something is missing in life. People believe mistakenly that happiness is about positive thoughts and positive action but every positive thought essentially holds within itself a negative thought.”

“It’s just a contrast of negative thought. Every positive thought has a seed of negative thought and vice versa that’s why a lot of greatness in life comes out of suffering. You have to know the negative before you can appreciate the positive. Happiness is the absence of desire.”

“Nature doesn’t have that concept. Nature follows an unbroken mathematical law of cause and effect from the big bang to now and everything is good the way it is and only in our mind is it perfect or imperfect.

“I like to put my mind in a debugging process. The mind is a muscle, it can be strengthened. Relax, be at peace, don’t use it and when a particular problem arises to use it to solve it.”

“I think of consciousness as a multi-layered mechanism. Think of it as a core base kernel level OS running application on top. Awareness level is always calm and peaceful. Stay there and don’t activate the monkey mind.”

“The monkey mind serves incredible problem but it’s only to be used when needed, otherwise you’re wasting energy running it 24/7. It becomes me and I’m more than that. You are more than just your mind, habits, preferences.”

“In modern times we don’t live enough in our body or awareness but too much in our internal monologue in the head. All of which is programmed into you by society and environment when younger. We are just a bunch of hardware DNA written and reacted to environmental effect.”

“We use it to record what is good and bad and then use what is thrown at us to prejudge everything and try and predict the future. As you grow older and older the sum of the preference that you’ve accumulated is very large.”

“The habitual reaction end up as runaway freight trains that control our mood. How good would it be if we could change our own mood? The mind can be changed, conditioned but it has been conditioned by society haphazardly. You can start reconfiguring it if you want.”

On foundational values: “Sets of things that you won’t compromise on. like honesty etc.”

“I don’t believe in short-term thinking.”

“All the benefits of living things in life are from compound interest: money, relationships, habits. Anything of importance. A lot of finding great relationships is finding other people whose values line up with you. If your values line up, little things won’t matter.”

On mistakes: “I’d do everything I did but with less emotion, less angst, less anger. Life is gonna play out the way its gonna play out. Most of it is just up to your interpretation.”

“You are born, you have a bunch of sensory experience and then you die and how you choose to interpret those sensory inputs is up to you.”

Question on if we can control our internal state:

“In short, yes. People use drugs (weed, psychedelics etc.) The attraction of drugs is spiritual. We can control our internal state but we just use an external bioactive substance to activate it. But there are things likes cognitive therapy, behavioural psychology, meditation etc now.”

“You can control your mental state but we’re usually doing this my hacking our external state and coming back to our mental state. All of man’s problem arise because he can’t sit in the room on his own for 30 minutes. The first thing to realize is that you can absorb your mental state”

“Meditation will recognize how out of control your mind is. It’s completely uncontrollable, it’s like a mad person and you have to see this mad person before you begin to have a distaste towards it and separating yourself from it and in this separateness is liberation.”

“Money, status, house = external = multiplayer game. Happiness/spirituality etc= internal. There is no external progress or validation in those single player games.”

“We are such social creatures more like bees and ants we’re so externally programmed and driven, we don’t know how to play and win single player anymore.”

“Life is a single player. You are born alone, you die alone, all your interpretation are alone. When you die, 3 generation later no one remembers or cares before you were born no one cared.”

“Jealousy is useless. I realized this on a personal, fundamental level that I couldn’t cherry pick one little aspect of their life eg.body/personality etc. You have to BE that person and if you are not willing to do a wholesale 100% swap then you can’t be jealous.”

“I stopped believing in Macroeconomics. It’s just a voodoo complex system in politics. it doesn’t make falsifying predictions which is a hallmark of science so it has become corrupt. People cherry pick data for their own political agenda.”

“Microeconomics is fundamental. I don’t think you can be a successful businessman or even navigate in a capitalist society without understanding supply and demand, labour vs capital etc.”

“There is actually nothing other than the present moment. No one has been able to go to the past and no one has been able to predict the future success in any way that matters. All the great profound truths are paradoxes.”

“The current education system is a path depended outcome. We have the internet now If you actually have a desire to learn everything is on the internet. The ability, means and tools to learn are abundant and infinite, its the desire to learn that’s incredibly scarce.”

Learning should be about learning the basics of all the field and learning them well over and over again. Life is about understanding the basics and applying the advanced in specific fields that you care about.”

“You never change the system by taking the existing thing and reworking it you have to build something new entirely.”

“Mathematics is the language of nature, science is the language of truth. It is the only true discipline because it makes falsifiable predictions that change the world. Applied science becomes technology and technology is what separates us from animals.”

“I read things I don’t agree with, just for a mind bender.” 👏

“I don’t believe anything from the past. A lot of unhappiness comes from comparing things to the past. I don’t believe in clinging to things from the past.”

Decision making is everything. Someone who makes 80% correct decisions vs 70% gets valued 100x more. Leverage. If you can be more right and rational you’re gonna have a lot of non-linear progress.”

“A lousy way to try to predict the future is saying “that’s what happened in the past so that’s whats gonna happen.” You wanna have great mental models. Eg: Evolution, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Franklin, Taleb etc. Fundamentally we are ignorant and bad at predicting the future.”

“What I do is load my head with mental models. Eliminate whats not going to work and try to not make mistakes. Life isn’t about correct judgements but rather it is about avoiding incorrect judgements.”

“Use your judgement to find out what kind of environment you like and prefer and use a system to build that environment around you. When you have a good system, the individual decisions don’t matter as much. We’re not really good at making individual decisions.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself. You don’t need to do anything unless you want to do it and if you stop trying to figure out how to do things other people want you to do, then you can listen to the voice inside your head telling you how you wanna do it.”

“Listen to others but don’t emulate it because that’s a fool’s errand. No one can be you better than you.”

“Deep down we all know who we are. You cant hide anything from yourself. Your failures that are written within your psyche are obvious and if you have a bunch of these (moral) shortcomings you won’t respect yourself and that’s the worst thing. If you don’t love yourself who will?”

“If you make hard choices now you’ll have a better later. If you just make easy choices now, your overall life will be a lot harder. Real knowledge is intrinsic and built from the ground up.”

“It’s a mark of a charlatan to explain easy concepts in a complicated way and a mark of a genius to explain complicated things in an easy way.”

“Smart people are clear thinkers and they understand fundamental concepts at a basic level and I’d rather understand something very well than memorize complicated concept that I can’t stitch together and I cant derive them from the basics.”

“If you cant derive a concept from the basic you’re lost, it means you’re just memorizing it.”

“The no 1 thing that clouds our reality is that we have preconceived notion of the way things should be.”

“Vision without execution is a hallucination.”

And finally a Richard Feynman quote: “You must never fool anyone, and you’re the easiest person to fool.”

The real one is actually: “The first principle is that you must never fool yourself, and you’re the easiest person to fool.”

The internet is one of the greatest things humans have ever created. Here are knowledge, tips and insights that would take you years to discover (if you ever did) but they’re right here from someone who has already experienced it.You can just internalize it, use it and discard whatever it is that you deem no important for now. Gives you the ability to connect to millionaires, traders, investors or whoever it is you want.Incredible tips, insights and nuances on psych, philosophy, spirituality, mathematics, science and stuff like trading, investing, blockchain technology + other techs.

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