These help me improve my mind and my body everyday. I give myself permission to fail sometimes; it’s more important that I come back to the Keystone practice than strive for a perfect record. Keep this list short: Consider replacing Keystones before adding new ones..


Reading is a way to absorb the knowledge of others – their ideas, information, and experiences – and make a version of that knowledge my own. Increasing my knowledge expands the Adjacent Possible of me.


Writing allows me to have a conversation with myself about my experiences, it challenges me to sit with my thoughts, and it helps me distill and synthesize new ideas and information.


Meditation is not something that comes easily to me nor is it something that I have learned to enjoy or integrate fully into my life but it is something that when I do regularly, I feel my best.


Being mindful and intentional about exercise is important to my physical and mental health. On the days I don’t challenge my body with exercise, I should be kind to myself and try again the next day.

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By thekingori