My beef with facebook


I’m just tired of Facebook.

Whats my beef with Facebook you ask.

My fb wall has now turned into a list of goddamn brainfarts.It has totally lost its former glory and is now in decay from conformity to the mediocrity of this insane fantasy we call social media. Gone are the good old days when we would get to catch up with friends, stalk crushes and find opportunities to interact with our least favourite relatives. Gone is the innocence that was once facebooking where you didn’t have to earn a like or share.Where you could rant about that konda who refused to hand you change and that cockroach you saw at San Valencia and have everyone gobble it all up and do as they please with the information.

You see, It was all well and good when I’d post something and no one would care. Nowadays when I post something stupid and get a hundred comments and then post an epiphany and get two likes or none at all, it easy to see how things go downhill from there. I’m sure Facebook is bad for society at large for this reason.I have been feeling a subconscious need for the . I’m forced not to comment about the latest stoicism but on pop culture and the latest memes and trends. I have to get all fake controversial and inspire the outrage that comes from being contrarian.I have to earn every Like, Share and Comment which amounts to small shots of dopamine further fueling this shitty behaviour. It’s an outer scorecard that has me disgusted yet always reinstalling my facebook app whenever I uninstall it. Well now fuck facebook I am one of the cool kids who blogs now.

My second beef with Facebook is the rate at which content gets lost. Facebook has this voodoo algorithm called EdgeRank, its what determines all the content you get to see and also determines how much of your content everyone else gets to see. Basically when I post something its shown to about one percent of my Facebook friends, the more likes, shares and comments it gets the more of “my” facebook friends it gets shown too. This means of the thousands anything I publish will only be seen by less than a hundred people if it’s not viral content. Viral content is that which is relatable to the most number of people.It’s that which appeals to the least common denominator, its the dumbest of the dumbest shit. That’s the fraction of all my output is most seen and that’s the fraction of other peoples output that I get to see.

The wannabe intellectual I am has refused to succumb to this nonsense and thus this blog. This beautiful corner of the internet that’s all mine to rant and express myself as I see fit. Now be a lamb and Share it on Facebook. I must insist.

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