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Why I blog


Sometimes we all get to that point when we are so fed up with the physical world that we just retreat to the safety of our digital selves or probably that’s just me. You could be anyone online. Not so much in the physical world. For so long I have longed to truly write for the sake of writing, not caring about how my thoughts will be received. Funny how we all( and by WE I mean ME ) try so hard...

My beef with facebook


The previous three articles were from the archives of earlier versions of this blog. They help Google understand that it’s still me writing all this. So this here marks my first blog post. So now where do I begin?  I’m just tired of Facebook. Whats my beef with Facebook you ask. My fb wall has now turned into a list of goddamn brainfarts.It has totally lost its former glory and is now...

How to not run away from the ones that love you?


I’ve been with him for just over a year. I’m a runner by nature. As in, when things start to get serious, when they start to feel permanent, I leave the man I am with. This is one is pretty much perfect. Kind, considerate, handsome, affectionate, generous, head over heels in love with me. So in love with me, that it scares me. How can he get so invested? He says he wants to build his life around...

How We Can Improve Our Decisions


One of the most common things people ask me is how we can improve our decisions. Better decisions are a function of two things that sometimes conflict: making fewer mistakes and having better insights. Pender was kind enough to put together a summary of the speech that I wanted to share with you. Relevant Thought Processes Rationality When Charlie Munger was asked the secret to his success, he...

The Mind’s Search Algorithm


Mental models are tools for the mind. In his talk: Academic Economics: Strengths and Weaknesses, after Considering Interdisciplinary Needs, at the University of California at Santa Barbara, in 2003, Charlie Munger honed in on why we like to specialize. The big general objection to economics was the one early described by Alfred North Whitehead when he spoke of the fatal unconnectedness of...

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